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Ryan Philips playing guitar


Ryan is a passionate rock guitarist, who aims at creating endless aural landscapes with his music. From the pioneers of guitar-led instrumental rock like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, to modern guitar heroes like Plini, Intervals, and I built the Sky, Ryan has found inspiration in musicians that have pushed boundaries to define human emotion through their art.

Music is expression

"I have always found peace in depicting my journeys in life through my music. In any form, I solely believe that art is our single most powerful tool at expressing the emotions we attach with life, and possibly what lies beyond."

Ryan Philips at NIT Delhi
Ryan Philips at Good Earth Centre

"With that, every day is just a part of a bigger journey, a step that unfolds into a grand adventure. And it is that adventure that I want my music to always be about. Something that everyone can find their own meaning with, as I have found mine."

Ryan Philips at NIT Delhi

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